University of Queensland - Aussie rules game

Guy Freeman

Aussie rules game.

The Rockies - © Sarah Derry
Sarah Derry
The Rockies
Holi festival, Singapore. Alistair Moss

Alistair Moss

Holi festival, Singapore.

Hoover Dam - © Linnet Whiston
Linnet Whiston
Hoover Dam
Coastal Carolina  - Tagging Rays

Jess Beswick

Tagging Rays

Partner Universities

In my 3rd year I went to Canada to study at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I can honestly say that it was the best thing that I have ever done, there just aren’t words that can describe the most amazing time that I had. Being given the opportunity to live, study and become a part of another culture truly was an ‘awesome’ experience. I found the approach to study was different to what I have experienced at Exeter, classes were a lot more intimate, involving a great deal of discussion. Their whole work ethic was to work hard and take full advantage of their natural surroundings and facilities. Whilst living in Canada I took part in a wide range of subjects that aren’t offered at Exeter and was able to draw on the experience and enthusiasm of the academic staff and students, enabling me to become more passionate about my studies.

Hannah Ogilvie, BSc Biological Sciences with study abroad