Dr Alex Thornton
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Evolution


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Guillam McIvor (BBSRC Associate Research Fellow) The evolution of corvid intelligence: development, mechanisms and function of cognitive abilities in wild jackdaws

Postgraduate researchers

  • Gabrielle Davidson (PhD 2010-2013, Cambridge, with Nicky Clayton) Gaze following in jackdaws
  • Alison Greggor (PhD 2012-2015, Cambridge, with Nicky Clayton) Neophobia and innovation in wild jackdaws
  • Michael Kings (2013-2017, Exeter, co-supervised by Andy Radford, Bristol) Cooperation, cognition and culture in wild jackdaws
  • Richard Woods (PhD 2012-2015, Exeter) Communication and cognition in wild jackdaws


  • Jolle Jolles BBSRC Research Assistant, Cambridge
  • Rebecca Pearce (MPhil Cambridge, 2012) Social organisation and decision-making in wild jackdaws
  • Lies Zandberg (MSc Wageningen, 2012) Individual recognition in jackdaws

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