Dr Chloe Singleton
Research Fellow


My research is focused on the manipulation of microorganisms to enhance and exploit their natural processes for environmental and technological benefit. As part of the Exeter Microbial Biofuel Group, under the direction of Professor John Love, I am currently using a synthetic biology approach to allow for the domestication of an industrially relevant chassis for the production of fuels and bulk chemicals.

I am a biochemist by training and I now have over ten years of research experience gained during my PhD and Post-Doctoral positions. My research involves use of molecular biological techniques, bacterial transformation and expression systems, protein biochemistry techniques spectroscopic techniques and in vivo studies.

My previous projects have involved utilizing a variety of spectroscopic and analytical techniques to:

  • Improve the carboxylation efficiency of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) the key enzyme in photosynthesis (BBSRC funded project)
  • Elucidate the function of a protein thought to involved in the calcification of the marine algae Emiliania huxleyi (EPOCA funded project)
  • Investigate the nature of heme binding to the Iron Response Regulator (Irr) from Rhizobium leguminosarm (BBSRC funded project)
  • Investigate the metal binding by, and transfer between, two proteins, CopZ and CopA involved in the copper detoxification pathway of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis (BBSRC funded PhD)



2002: MChem Chemistry, University of East Anglia
2008: PhD ‘Metal binding studies of CopZ and CopA from Bacillus subtilis’, University of East Anglia
2009: PGCE in Secondary Science


2014- present: Research Fellow, University of Exeter                                                                               2012-2013: Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter        
2010-2012: Post Doctoral Research Assistant, The Marine Biological Association
2009-2010: Part time Lecturer of Chemistry, Truro College
2007-2008: Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of East Anglia
2003: Research Technician, University of East Anglia

Contact details

Tel+44 (0) 1392 723105
AddressBiocatalysis Centre
University of Exeter
The Henry Wellcome Building for Biocatalysis
Stocker Road

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