Dr Chris Lowe
Lecturer in Evolutionary Ecology


I am a lecturer in evolutionary ecology with a range of interests related to understanding diversity in aquatic eukaryotic microbes. My work focuses on assessing the processes that shape diversity and the ecological implications of variation within microbial species.

Broad research specialisms:

My research examines the evolution of genetic and functional diversity in aquatic eukaryotic microbes (i.e. protists). I use a range of approaches (including field sampling, ecological genomics, and lab experimentation) to characterise population-level diversity and to understand how diversity shapes species interactions (e.g. predation) and species responses to environmental variation. I study a range of free-living and symbiotic species that are ecologically important in both marine and freshwater systems. These systems also provide experimentally-tractable models to examine broader ecological and evolutionary processes.


BSc, PhD

Contact details

Tel+44 (0) 1326 259397
AddressDaphne du Maurier Building
University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
TR10 9FE

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