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 Emily Duncan

Emily Duncan

Research Student

 The Farmhouse G03


The Farmhouse, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


My broad interests lie in the fields of marine conservation and pollution. In particular what impacts the current levels of marine pollution is having upon threatened marine fauna. My research focuses on plastics pollution, an ever growing issue for marine ecosystems and threatened species including sea turtles.

During my time as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter I volunteered for three seasons with the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Northern Cyprus. Here I gained experience in conservation work within the field and also completed my Honors Project upon the effect of anthropogenic light on marine turtle hatchling orientation.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Marine Conservation
  • Marine pollution
  • Sea turtle biology


BSc Hons Conservation Biology and Ecology (University of Exeter)


Research projects

Project Title: Investigating the impacts of plastics on Mediterranean marine turtles

Supervisors: Brendan Godley (University of Exeter) Tamara Galloway (University of Exeter)

Project Description:
This project will be conducted within Northern Cyprus in conjunction with the Marine Turtle Conservation Project. During necropsies of stranded Green (Chelonia mydas) and the Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) turtles whole gut contents will be collected and further analyzed for macroplastics, microplastics and dietary components. In addition the collection of tissue samples will give an opportunity to test for the presence of organic pollutants.


Supervision / Group

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