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 Frances Humber

Frances Humber

Postgraduate research student

For the last four years I have been working for Blue Ventures Conservation, a marine conservation organisation dedicated to working with local communities to develop conservation and poverty alleviation initiatives that protect biodiversity and coastal livelihoods. At present, I am the Conservation Programmes Manager, responsible for the coordination of Blue Ventures integrated conservation programmes in Madagascar and Belize. Prior to working at Blue Ventures I studied the artisanal octopus fishery in Madagascar and worked surveying coral reefs in the Philippines.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Artisanal fisheries;
  • Sustainable fisheries;
  • Community-based management


2005 MRes Marine Biology, University of Plymouth
2003 BA Hons Biological Sciences, University of Oxford


Research interests

Project Title: Artisanal marine turtle and shark fisheries of southwest Madagascar

Supervisors: Annette Broderick; Brendan Godley

Funding Body: Research is funded through Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation, National Geographic and the British High Commission in Mauritius.

Project Description:

My PhD focuses on the artisanal shark and turtle fisheries of the Vezo fishers of southwest Madagascar. I am interested in not only assessing the status of both fisheries, that are currently unreported, but also their sustainable management through both community conservation initiatives and advocating policy change at a national level. My fieldwork employs a network of local data collectors throughout remote southwest Madagascar, who are trained to record shark and turtle landings in their respective villages through the use of digital cameras.


Le Manach, F., Gough, C., Harris, A., Humber, F., Harper, S., Zeller, D. 2012. Unreported fishing, hungry people and political turmoil: the recipe for a food security crisis in Madagascar? Marine Policy 36, 218–225.

Humber, F., Godley, B., Ramehery, V., Broderick, A. 2011. Using community members to assess artisanal fisheries: the marine turtle fishery in Madagascar. Animal Conservation 14, 175-185.

Tucker,  B.,  Tsimitamby,  Mr.,  Humber,  F.,  Benbow,  S.,  Iida,  T.  2010  Foraging  for Development: a Comparison of Food insecurity, Production, and risk among Farmers, Forest Foragers, and marine Foragers in Southwestern Madagascar. Human Organization 69 (4) 375 – 386.

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