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Dr Ian Cleasby
Associate Research Fellow


Originally from Cumbria, I am an ecologist with a broad range of interests centered around my fondness for using statistical approaches to address ecological questions. As a consequence I have worked in a wide variety of different fields including: molecular ecology, spatial analysis, movement ecology, population demographics and forecasting. The majority of my work has been conducted on populations of wild birds, specifically house sparrows, gannets and brent geese. A particularly enjoyable aspect of my research is the opportunity to track birds using various data loggers and create nice maps from the resulting data. In addition, I also have a sideline in understanding how specific analyses such as meta-analysis and DHGLMs could be used within ecology.


2010 PhD Behavioural Ecology University of Sheffield


2011 - 2012: Data Analyst, NAFC Marine Center, University of Highlands and Islands

2012 - 2014: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Leeds


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