Dr Jonathan Phillips
Senior Research Fellow


I am interested in how molecules move, how this underpins important biological functions and ultimately how we can direct those dynamics to create new opportunities for medicine and biosensing.

My background is in protein biophysics – developing physical and chemical methods to gain insight into molecular structure, folding and dynamics. I have experience in studying naturally occurring proteins and also in synthetic biology – designing and building protein switches and self-assembly systems. These dual skillsets were ultimately brought together to study and engineer protein drugs and drug targets.

The research in my lab is focused on three interwoven threads:

  1. Studying the assembly and dynamics of protein systems in nature.
  2. Creating new molecular systems for medicine and biosensing.
  3. Advancing analytical methods to better understand protein dynamics.

Broad research specialisms

Protein biophysics
Analytical chemistry
Mass spectrometry

Living Systems Institute Profile


2007 PhD Molecular Biophysics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

2000 BSc Medical Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, University of Birmingham

Contact details

Internal tel7456
Tel+44 (0) 1392 727456

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