Dr Charlotte Brand
Postdoctoral Research Associate


I am a postdoctoral research associate working with Alex Mesoudi on the effects and formation of prestige and dominance based social hierarchies in humans and their impacts upon social information use. Along with PhD student Angel Jimenez, we are working on a series of studies to address how social learning unfolds within, and may itself generate, social hierarchies in humans. I have previously worked on sex differences in social learning, and how these may be underpinned by individual differences in risk-taking and confidence. I have also explored the implications of using Bayesian versus frequentist methods of analysis for how a field of research accumulates certainty over time.


2013-2017: PhD Psychology, University of St Andrews, UK
2012-2013: MSc Evolutionary & Comparative Psychology, Univerisy of St Andrews, UK
2009-2012: BSc Human Sciences, University College London, UK

Contact details

AddressThe Farmhouse
University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
TR10 9FE, UK

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