Dr Lucy Hawkes
Senior Lecturer in Physiological Ecology


Research interests

My research centres on animal migration. As well as drawing much popular attention, animal migration is an ideal opportunity to look at the fundamental biology of many organisms since they experience extremes of both their external environment and internal physiology. Adaptations that maximise migratory success must be selected for in order for migrants to arrive at their breeding grounds in timely fashion and in adequate body condition for breeding. My research uses (i) emergent technologies (known as “Biologging” – the logging of biology on the move) to track animal migrations in the wild and (ii) lab-based work to contextualise this work with theoretical and empirical modelling and data. Taken together, this approach can provide unparalleled insights into some of the world’s most exciting migrations.

Research grants

2010 Natural Environment Research Council
Understanding the drivers and consequences of different migration strategies in bar-headed geese (Anser indicus)

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