Dr M D Sharma
Research Fellow


Research interests

Sexual selection, mate choice, sperm competition, inbreeding

Research projects

Ongoing investigations:
i) Rapid evolution of Drosophila simulans male genitalia.
ii) Evolution of Drosophila wing shape with and without sexual selection.

Current collaborations:
i) Effect of multiple stressors on the developmental buffering system of D. simulans.
ii) Sexual selection, ageing and senescence in D. simulans.
iii) Wolbachia infection dynamics in D. simulans with and without sexual selection.
iv) Transcriptomics of adaptive evolution in D. simulans.
v) Investigating selfish genetic elements as drivers of sexually antagonistic interactions in Drosophila.

Research networks

Prof. David Hosken, Prof. Tom Tregenza, Prof. Nina Wedell, Dr. John Hunt, Dr. David Hodgson, Dr. Michelle Taylor, Dr. Damian Smith, Dr. Wayne Rostant, Dr. Kensuke Okada, Dr. Clarissa M. House, Prof. Angus Buckling, Prof. Richard Ffrench-Constant

Research grants

  • 2013 Amazon Web Services in Education
    AWS in Education Coursework Grant
  • 2013 Windows Azure in Education
    Windows Azure Educator Grant
  • 2011 The Genetics Society
    Genes and Development Summer Studentship

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