Professor Mike Boots
Professor of Disease Biology

External responsibilities

Committee/panel activities

Member REF Biological Sciences sub-panel B  

Permanent Panel Chair, NERC

2013 Member ZELS BBSRC panel

2009 Member or MRC, ESEI initiative panel

2009 Member DFG Review Panel, “Host-parasite co-evolution”

2009 Member DFG Review Panel, “Host-parasite co-evolution”

Editorial responsibilities

2006 - Present Editor Journal of Animal Ecology

2012-Present Associate editor for Ecology and Evolution

2001 - Present Associate Editor for Ecological Research

Invited lectures

Invited international lectures

2013 Zurich Winter Graduate School, Switzerland

2013 Species interactions and speciation workshop, Umea, Sweden

2012 RAPIDD workshop on virulence in aquaculture, Seattle, USA

2012 DIMACS workshop on modelling Dengue fever

2012 Cologne spring symposium, Cologne, Germany

2012 RCN in eco-immunology, University of Michigan, USA

2012 Biology, Indiana University, USA.

2011 Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria.

2011 Institute of Zoology, Basel, Switzerland

2011 DFG Coevolution of Hosts and Parasites, Berlin, Germany

2011 EEID meeting Santa Barbara, USA

2011 NESCent Catalysis Meeting on “Evolution of Infectious Diseases: Integrating Empirical and Modelling Approaches”, Duke

2011 Fogarty International Center RAPIDD Workshop on Virulence Evolution, Fort Collins, USA

2010 Institute Gulbenkian de Ciência Workshop “Resistance and Tolerance to Infection”, Portugal

2010 Darwin Meets Nobel Symposium “The evolution of infectious agents in relation to sex”, Sweden

2010 Department Ecology Evolutionary Biology, UCSC, USA

2010 Department of Biology, Penn State, USA

2009 EID 2009 Conference, Singapore

2009 University of Munich Graduate Summer School

2009 Department of Biology, Emory University, Atlanta, USA

2009 Department of Biology/Mathematics, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA

2009 Graduate School in Advanced Studies, Hayama, Japan

2009 ESEB, Turin, Italy

2008 Department of Biology, Rice University, Houston USA

2008 DIMACS symposium on Climate and Infectious Disease, Rutgers University

Research funding

2013 NERC (PI): “The maintenance of functional diversity of hosts and parasites” £600K

2013 BBSRC/EID NIH (PI): “Understanding the effects of spatial structure on evolution of virulence in the real world: honeybees and their destructive parasites” £384K

2012 NERC (CI): “Real-time host-parasite coevolution in natural microbial communities”. £596K

2012 NERC (PI): “Resource availability and the evolution of host resistance to parasites”. £535K

2009 NERC (PI): “Testing the role of spatial structure in ecology and evolution”. £501K

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