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MR Ryan Imrie

MR Ryan Imrie

PhD Student


 Daphne du Maurier 3050


Daphne du Maurier Building, University of Exeter,  Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK

I am interested in understanding the environmental, evolutionary, and ecological factors which influence the emergence of new diseases. Within this topic, I am hoping to explore both the factors which contribute to the ability of pathogens to infect novel host species, and also the factors which allow such pathogens to establish long-term, stable transmission within their new hosts.

Broad research specialisms


Host-pathogen interactions


MSc in Infection Biology (with specialism in Virology) | University of Glasgow

BSc Hons in Genetics | University of Glasgow



Research interests

Project Title:

“Evolution and ecology of virus host shifts”


Ben Longdon, Lena Wilfert, Joanne Lello (Cardiff University)

Funding Body:


Project Description:

My PhD project will use a range of different Drosophila species to investigate the factors which influence the ability of viruses to infect novel host species. Initially, the project will focus on how co-infection with multiple viruses alters infection dynamics, and will examine how this varies across a phylogenetically diverse group of host species.

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