Dr Steve Simpson
Associate Professor in Marine Biology & Global Change


Research interests


My first degree was in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool (BSc Hons, 1998), during which I worked in Mozambique assessing the Quirimba Archipelago for Marine Protected Area status. Inspired by my time in the tropics, I followed this with a Masters degree at the University of York in Marine & Coastal Ecology & Environmental Management (MRes, 1999) where, under the guidance of Profs Rupert Ormond and Callum Roberts, I completed an Internship in the British Virgin Islands designing fisheries management tools for the developing world. I then spent a year working with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in Western Australia, Raleigh International in Belize and with a UK environmental consultancy (CMACS). I completed my PhD (2000–2004) at the University of York supervised by Dr Calvin Dytham and Dr Mark Meekan (AIMS), focusing on the influence of behaviour of larval coral reef fish on dispersal and implications for population connectivity. I continued this line of study, combining field studies, electrophysiology, choice experiments and individual-based modelling, with a NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship which I held at the University of Edinburgh (2004–2008, working with Prof Victoria Braithwaite). I moved to Bristol in 2008 to work with Dr Martin Genner on the effects of climate change on European fish communities and implications for effective fisheries and conservation management under the NERC Sustainable Marine Bioresources theme. In parallel I developed some strong collaborations to study impacts of marine anthropogenic noise (shipping, pile-driving, drilling, etc.), and was Co-Investigator on a major Defra-funded project with Prof Andy Radford (Bristol). I also held a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow (2011–2014) which enabled me to develop strong links between the research community and industry and policy on the themes of European Fisheries and Climate Change, and Anthropogenic Noise and Marine Ecosystems. I joined the University of Exeter as a Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology and Global Change in Sept 2012, where I now have a thriving research group working on effects of climate change on European fisheries, and impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine ecosystems.


Research networks

Main Collaborators

Prof Andy Radford & Dr Martin Genner (University of Bristol)

Prof Simon Jennings (ICES)

Dr John Pinnegar (Cefas/University of East Anglia)

Dr Mark Meekan (Australian Institute of Marine Science)

Prof Phillip Munday & Prof Mark McCormick (James Cook University)

Prof Ivan Nagelkerken & Dr Tullio Rossi (University of Adelaide)

Dr Suzie Mills & Dr Ricardo Beldade (CRIOBE Moorea French Polynesia)

Dr Annie Linley (National Oceanographic Centre)

Dr Jonathan Tinker (Met Office Hadley Centre)

Additional Recent Collaborators

Dr Marc Holderied, Prof Daniel Robert, Prof Andy Ridgwell, Dr Erica Hendy (University of Bristol)

Dr Andrew Jeffs & Dr Craig Radford (University of Auckland New Zealand)

Prof Edd Codling & Prof David Smith (University of Essex UK)

Prof Calvin Dytham (University of York UK)

Dr Maud Ferrari & Prof Doug Chivers (University of Saskatchewan Canada)

Dr David Lecchini (CRIOBE Moorea French Polynesia)

Prof Mark Johnson (National University Ireland Galway)

Prof David Sims (Marine Biological Association UK)

Dr Julia Blanchard (University of Tasmania Australia)

Dr Serge Planes (Université de Perpignan France)

Dr Monica Gagliano (University of Western Australia)

Dr Hong Yan (Academia Sinica Taiwan)

Dr Matt Wittenrich (Florida Institute of Technology)

Dr Claire Paris (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Florida)

Dr Jen McIlwain & Dr Andrew Halford (Curtin University)

Dr Michel Claereboudt (Sultan Qaboos University Oman)

Dr Mark Vermeij (Carmabi Foundation Curacao)

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