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 Toby Doyle

Toby Doyle

Research Technician

 Daphne du Maurier 


Daphne du Maurier Building, University of Exeter,  Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK

I am interested in the transmission and evolution of infectious diseases, with a particular interest in invertebrate viruses. I am currently involved in a project investigating the impact of agri-environment schemes on emerging disease dynamics in wild and managed pollinators with Dr Lena Wilfert and Dr Vincent Doublet. Previous positions held at the University of Exeter have included projects investigating the genetic basis of resistance in the Indian meal moth with Professor Mike Boots, and taxonomic work exploring the role of invertebrates in crop yield with Dr Rosalind Shaw and Professor Juliet Osborne. I come from an ecology background, previously working as an assistant ecologist at WYG group. Visit our lab website to find out more.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Fieldwork
  • Molecular biology
  • Taxonomy


2012 MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity (University of Exeter)
2009 BSc in Environmental Science (University of Plymouth)


2015-2016 Research Technician with Rosalind Shaw and Juliet Osborne, The University of Exeter
2013-2015 Research Technician in Mike Boots' lab, The University of Exeter
2012-2013 Assistant Ecologist, WYG group


Research interests

  • Pollinator decline
  • Pollinator pests & diseases
  • Disease transmission
  • Agro-ecosystems




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