A white-browed sparrow weaver

A white-browed sparrow weaver

Dr Andrew Young
Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Chris Beirne (BBSRC Post-doctoral Research Associate) Mechanisms of senescence in wild social vertebrates

Postgraduate researchers

  • Faye Thompson (PhD 2013-17, Exeter, with Mike Cant) Dispersal, inter-group conflict and population dynamics in banded mongooses
  • Lindsay Walker (PhD 2012-16, Exeter, with Nick Royle) Early life effects on parental and cooperative care in sparrow weaver societies
  • Alice Williams (PhD 2014-2018, Exeter with Tom Currie) The evolution of sociopolitical complexity in humans
  • Emma Wood (PhD 2012-16, Exeter, with Camille Bonneaud) Telomere dynamics and the mechanistic basis of ageing in wild cooperative birds


  • Chris Beirne (PhD 2011-14, Exeter, with Dez Delahay of FERA)The mechanisms of senescence in wild European badgers
  • Dominic Cram (PhD 2013) Load-lightening, oxidative stress and the evolution of avian cooperation
  • Xavier Harrison (BBSRC Post-doctoral Research Associate) Patterns of parentage in sparrow weaver societies: cause and implications for mate choice, dispersal and cooperation
  • Rafael Mares (PhD 2012) Extra-territorial prospecting and territory defence in cooperatively breeding meerkats
  • Jenni Sanderson (PhD 2013) The regulation of cooperation and conflict in banded mongoose societies
  • Jenny York (PhD 2012) The regulation and function of dawn song in sparrow-weaver societies

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