Turtle with a tracking device

Turtle with a tracking device

Professor Brendan Godley
Professor of Conservation Science/Director of the Centre for Ecology & Conservation


Postdoctoral researchers

Postgraduate researchers


  • Joanna Alfaro (PhD, Darwin Research Fellow)
  • Catherine Bell (PhD)
  • Tony Bicknell (NERC funded Research Fellow)
  • Janice Blumenthal (PhD)
  • Phil Bradshaw (PhD)
  • Rachel Brittain (PhD)
  • Carlos Carreras (GENCAT Research Fellow)
  • Phil Doherty (PhD)
  • Claire Embling (FP7 Research Fellow)
  • Wayne Fuller (PhD)
  • Fiona Glen (PhD)
  • James Grecian (PhD)
  • Lucy Hawkes (PhD, SOWFIA Research Fellow))
  • Fran Humber (PhD)
  • Richard Inger (SWRDA Research Fellow)
  • Ruth Leeney (ESF Research Fellow)
  • Jeff Mangel (PhD, Darwin Research Fellow)
  • Corinne Martin (Defra Research Fellow)
  • Catherine McClellan (INTERREG Research Fellow)
  • Andy McGowan (Darwin Research Fellow)
  • Cheryl Mills (PhD)
  • Stephen Pikesley (PhD)
  • Alan Rees (PhD)
  • Peter Richardson (PhD)
  • Jan Stipala (PhD)
  • Kim Stokes (PhD)
  • Tom Stringell (PhD)
  • Jesus Tomas (Marie Curie Research Fellow)
  • Sam Weber (PhD)
  • Matthew Witt (PhD, SWRDA Research Fellow
  • Emma Wood (MRes)
  • Lucy Wright (PhD)
  • Judith Zbinden (Swiss National Fund Fellow)

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