Dr Eduarda Santos
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Biology

External responsibilities

Editorial responsibilities

Reviewer for a number of international journals including, Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, General and Comparative Endocrinology, Aquatic Toxicology, Journal of Fish Biology, Aquaculture, PLOS One, Molecular Biology Reports and Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry.

Top Reviewer Award from Environmental Science and Technology (2012).

Top Reviewer Award from General and Comparative Endocrinology (2009).

Invited lectures

11th International Congress on the Biology of Fish, August 2014, Edinburgh (Plenary Speaker)

Cardill University, December 2013

Cardiff University, December 2012.

20th Annual Meeting of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), May 2010, Seville, Spain.

NERC-KT workshop on Fish Toxicogenomics. May 2009, Exeter, UK.

NERC International workshop on fish toxicogenomics moving into monitoring and regulation April 2008, Environment Canada, North Vancouver, Canada.

SEB Annual Main Meeting, April 2006, Canterbury, UK.

Media Coverage

Our research on endocrine disrupting chemicals has been communicated widely to the public and received extensive press coverage over time.


In 2004, our work on the application of transcriptomics approaches to understand the effects of oestrogenic chemicals in fish was presented at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.


In 2011, our work on endocrine disrupting chemicals received the Exeter Impact Award for Outstanding Impact in Public Policy and Services.


In 2013, our work on metal tolerance in brown trout received extensive local, national and international media coverage and was featured in the ITV news.


Workshops/Conferences organised

Chair of Knowledge Transfer workshop on Analysis of gene expression using next generation sequencing. Exeter, 2011.


Chair of the session Endocrine Disruption, SETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland, 2008.

Member of the organising committee of the UK-Japan consortium on endocrine disruptors.

Member of the organising committee of the Credo workshop on Ecological Relevance of Chemically Induced Endocrine Disruption in Wildlife, Exeter 2004.

Chair of the session Effects of Anthropogenic and Environmental Factors on the Endocrine System, 5th International Symposium on Fish Endocrinology, Spain, 2004.

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