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Iryna Labunska
Honorary Research Fellow (Greenpeace)


Iryna graduated from Kiev State University in 1980 with a Masters degree in chemistry. In 1991, following research into chemical reaction kinetics at the Ukrainian Academy of Science, Iryna began work with the Kiev Laboratory of Greenpeace. She managed the Kiev Lab from 1993 and then joined the group at Exeter, as a scientist, in 1995. Aside from her expertise in organic analytical chemistry, Iryna also acts as a radiation safety advisor for Greenpeace. Iryna is in the early stages of her PhD, being conducted jointly with the Division of Environmental Health & Risk Management (School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences) at the University of Birmingham.

Publications: see www.greenpeace.to/publications.asp

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Tel+44(0)1392 247920
AddressInnovation Centre Phase 2
University of Exeter
Rennes Drive

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