Dr Konrad Paszkiewicz
Senior Experimental Officer - Exeter Sequencing Service


I am a bioinformatician with a strong interest in sequencing technology and whole genome analysis for a wide variety of organisms. I am the head of the Exeter Sequencing Service and the Director of the Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub. 

The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub is a unique group of highly talented individuals who are charged with helping researchers make the most of biomedical data. They are themselves amongst some of the most talented researchers in their fields but have recognized that the analysis of datasets, both large and small, is the key bottleneck in many projects.

The growth of truly interdisciplinary science at Exeter has meant that no single researcher or research group can master every technique or methodology. The pace of change in fields such as DNA sequencing, metabolomics and microscopy means that new informatics methodologies and new computational infrastructures are required to interrogate and integrate data from different methodologies. The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub recognizes both the challenges and opportunities this affords for world-class research.


The Hub also offers regular training courses which are available to any technician, PhD student, postdoc or academic within the University. These range from basic skills such as Linux and programming to data analysis in R, and specialized courses in genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics.


2003-2007: PhD Structural Biology & Bioinformatics, Imperial College London
2002-2003: MSc Bioinformatics, Imperial College London
1998-2002: MSci Physics, Imperial College London


2008: Experimental Officer, Exeter Sequencing Service
2007: Postdoctoral researcher, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter
2005: Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany
2004: European Institute for Bioinformatics, Hinxton, UK
2003: PhD, Imperial College London, UK

Contact details

Internal tel5523
Tel+44 (0) 1392 725523
AddressGeoffrey Pope Building
University of Exeter
Stocker Road

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