Senior Laboratory Manager (Research)


As Senior Laboratory Manager, I oversee the running of the research laboratories within     the College of     Ecology and Conservation (CEC) at Tremough.

  • I am also the Health and Safety officer for Biosciences in Cornwall. Within this role I am Biosciences Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) and the safety advisor for genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Microbiology. Additionally, I manage all risk assessments and COSHH forms for the laboratories.
  • I also act as work experience coordinator for Biosciences in Cornwall.
  • Another important role I have is the facilitating and supporting of CEC academics wishing to pursue molecular based work within the department. This ranges from advising which techniques are suitable for a specific scientific question, to pump-priming and costings for research grant bids.
  • I also advise undergraduates, PhD students and post-doctorates with regards to experimental design for their molecular biology research, as well as technical training.
  • In addition to the above roles I run the module; Approaches in Evolution and Behavioral Ecology within the Evolution and Behavioral Ecology MSc coordinated by Professor Nina Wedell.

I have also been extensively involved in developing the research facilities for the Environment and Sustainability Institute, acting as the Biosciences representative. This role has including advising on the requirements needed to create world class biological facilities from conception and design right through to building and equipment fit out. I look forward to seeing this world class research institute develop.

Besides these roles, I am actively involved in several research projects. Currently, I am  working with Mike Cant and Jon Blount investigating telomere dynamics with respect to fitness costs in Banded Mongoose and working with Andy Young investigating telomere dynamics and ageing in White browed Sparrow Weavers. I am also investigating the possibility of using telomeres to determine age in Sea Turtles with     Brendan Godley.

I am also interested in evolution of bacterial host invasion with a particular interest in the Toxin complexes and how, in certain species, these toxins have evolved to be active against insects, whereas in other bacterial species they have evolved activity against mammalian hosts.


PhD Investigation into the insecticidal Toxin complexes from Photorhabdus luminescens and Yersinia
MPhil Deletion screening and haplotype analysis in the FRAXE region at Xq28
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

Contact details

AddressDaphne du Maurier Building
University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
TR10 9FE

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