Professor Nicholas Smirnoff
Professor of Plant Biochemistry

External responsibilities

Committee/panel activities

Co-opted member of BBSRC Agri-Food Committee (2004).

Grant award panel for Finnish Academy of Sciences plant ecophysiology programme (2005).

Society for Experimental Biology (SEB): Plant Biology Committee (1992-1995 and 1999-present).

Vice-Chair of Plant Biology Committee (2001).

Council of SEB (2001-2006).

Chair of SEB Plant Metabolism Group (1999-2006).

BBSRC Committee B core member (2013-)

GARNet (BBSRC-funded Genomic Resources for Arabidopsis Committee)- Elected member of advisory board (2009-2012)

Editorial responsibilities

Editor of 'Annals of Botany' (1998-present).

Regular reviewer for many journals including Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Plant Journal, Plant Physiology and Plant Cell.

Member of the editorial advisory board of "Journal of Experimental Botany" (1994-2012).

Journal of Experimental Botany Handling Editor 2012-present

Invited lectures

Keystone conference on nutritional enhancement of food. Boulder, Colorado. April 2001.

Seminis Vegetable Seeds (Woodland, California) April 2002.

Gordon Research Conference on Postharvest Physiology, Boston, August 2002

Second International Conference of Plant Metabolomics. Potsdam, April 2003.

Gordon Research Conference on senescence programmed cell death, Boston, July 2004.

Royal Society of Chemistry, Sept 2004. Discussion meeting on vitamin C.

*Rothamsted Research (January 2005). Launch meeting for Phase 2 of the BBSRC Plant and Microbial Metabolomics Initiative.

Plant Oxygen Group (Dec 2005). Bristol.

*Royal Society of Chemistry. September 2007. Bioinorganic group meeting on biosynthetic pathways (Firbush, Loch Tay).

Scottish Crops Research Institute, Invergowrie (April 2002).

Rothamsted Research

University of Nottingham (April 2002

University of Cambridge (February 2003).

University of Essex (February 2005)

University of Birmingham (January 2006)

Phytochemical Society of America (Hawaii, Dec 2011)

11th International POG Conference- Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Speciers in Plants (Warsaw, 2013)

Seminar (University of Leeds Feb 2013)

Plant Synthetic Biology (GARNet, Nottingham May 2013)

Media Coverage

BBC Radio 4 "Growing Science". (4 Nov 2002) presented by Pippa Greenwood.;

BBC Radio 4 "The Eureka Years" presented by Adam Hart-Davies (Sept 2004)

BBC2- "How to Grow a Planet" (Feb 2012)- contributed an experiment which was broadcast as part of the first installment ("Life from Light") of this 3 part series.  

Workshops/Conferences organised

Advisory Board. 11th International POG Conference- Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Speciers in Plants (Warsaw, 2013)

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