Emily Armstrong-Smith
MRes student


My broad interests lie in the fields of Marine Biology and Marine Conservation, and I am particularly interested in the response and potential adaptation of marine ecosystems to the current issues that threaten our oceans.

Within my undergraduate degree I focused primarily on Marine Biology, while also taking an interest in Animal Cognition and Animal Psychology. I am keen to take a ‘whole-systems’ approach to my work, as cognitive processes and responses are more often than not linked with a deeper physiological effect. For my Honours Project I studied the effect of anthropogenic noise (ship and pile-driving noise) on stress levels in European Sea Bass; a stress response is a clear example where mental and physiological processes combine to have a whole-system impact on the organism.

My time with the University of Exeter has also led me to volunteer for three seasons with the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Northern Cyprus, where I was able to put into practice my love for marine animals and carry out important conservation work in the field – alongside another love of mine, scuba diving!

Broad research specialisms:

  • Impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine environments
  • Stress responses in fish
  • Habituation/recovery after anthropogenic noise exposure in fish


BSc Hons Biology and Animal Behaviour

Contact details

AddressGeoffrey Pope Building
University of Exeter
Stocker Road

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