Sarah Nelms
PhD Student


I am a PhD student within the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation, based at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. My research interests lie broadly in understanding the pathways by which anthropogenic activities may affect marine biodiversity. As an Exeter MSc student I investigated the potential impacts of seismic surveys on marine turtles and more recently I have begun to work on the growing issue of marine litter, particularly plastic pollution.

My project will explore how microscopic plastic particles affect marine organisms at various trophic levels, from zooplankton to marine vertebrates, and investigate the transfer of these microplastics in marine food webs.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Marine conservation
  • Marine vertebrate ecology
  • Microplastics and marine litter
  • Trophic interactions
  • Ecotoxicology



MSc Conservation and Diversity (University of Exeter)
BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology (University of Plymouth)

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