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Plant and Algal Biology

Our research in plant and algal biology encompasses metabolism and biochemistry, plant-pathogen interactions and biotechnology applications.

Plant-pathogen interactions are a key strength: we study them from the perspectives of cellular and molecular plant responses and responses to macroecology of crop disease in response to climate change.

Other research areas include:

  • plant pathology
  • the molecular basis of plant-environment interactions
  • vitamin metabolism in plants and algae
  • the role of reactive oxygen species
  • algal biotechnology including biofuels and bioremediation.

Our work incorporates methods from microfluidics to modelling gene networks, and is supported by funding from partners including BBSRC, UK Global Food Security initiative, EU Horizon 2020, Shell, Sygenta and the Scottish Government.

Our current RCUK-funded £1.2M collaboration with the UN FAO World Banana Forum is ensuring banana production and supply chains are maintained.

Specialists in Plant and Algal Biology