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Facilities at Exeter


The Geoffrey Pope building, the central hub of Biosciences in Exeter, is one of the tallest buildings on Streatham Campus and has magnificent views over the campus and the Exe Valley.

Following a £25m refurbishment, the building provides world-class research and teaching facilities with over 4,800m2 of lab space and our state-of-the-art Millhayes teaching laboratory. The Geoffrey Pope building is also physically linked to the £52m Living Systems Institute, the recently established BioEconomy Centre, and the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, recently relocated to the University of Exeter. Detailed access information is available on the AccessAble website.

Facilities include:

  • Our world-class Aquatic Resources Centre, which incorporates 14 aquaria rooms, preparative and analytical labs and a dedicated Wolfson Foundation-funded imaging unit.
  • A Bioimaging Centre that provides state-of-the-art optical, laser and electron microscopes to enable advanced cellular imaging techniques across the breadth of biological research.
  • Our Centre for Cytomics, which offers cutting-edge flow analysis (imaging, spectral, acoustic), cell sorting, multiplexing and complex data analysis for research, training and teaching.
  • Four controlled environment plant growth rooms and a purpose-built 375m2 greenhouse facility, enabling propagation and growth of high quality plant material for research and teaching.
  • Our metabolomics-focused Mass Spectrometry facility, which houses two liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instruments and a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer.
  • Our DNA Sequencing Facility provides state of the art genomics and bioinformatics analysis using Illumina (Novaseq and MiSeq), and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (Minion and Promethion) sequencing instrumentation.