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Greenhouse and controlled plant growth facilities

Our greenhouses and controlled environment plant growth space on Streatham Campus provide conditions for the propagation and growth of tropical and temperate crop plants for research.

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About our facilities

Controlled plant growth facilities

The Geoffrey Pope building houses 30 programmable free-standing cabinets located within the plant science laboratories.

These facilities are used for the propagation and growth of high-quality plant material for both teaching and research projects throughout Biosciences.

The controlled growth space supports various aspects of research, including molecular plant pathology, cell biology, biochemistry and genetics. A range of plants are grown including important cereals such as wheat, rice and barley, plus the model plants Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana benthamiana.

Greenhouse facilities

In 2010 we replaced our existing glasshouses at the Hatherly Building at Streatham campus with a new purpose-built building. This has a footprint of 375m2 divided into three compartments, with independent climate control, supplemental lighting and over 100m2 of bench space, completely automated. The three compartments provide conditions for the growth of tropical and temperate crop plants for research.

Research and teaching

With a total footprint of 375m2, of which 35mis dedicated to and designed for the growth of plant requiring higher standards of containment, the greenhouse facilities meet a large variety of research needs. The greenhouse facilities supports research based around Cellular and Chemical Biology, Environmental Biology and Microbes & Diseases.

The greenhouse facilities also house, and provide plant material used for teaching purposes. Various plant species are grown and propagated for modules within the department of Biosciences and Natural Sciences. We also support cross-disciplinary projects with colleagues in departments such as Physics and Geography.

Facility staff

Dr Nasser Trissi - Plant Growth Facilities Manager

My research interests are in the biological control of insect pests and the ecology of insect-killing fungi, especially Beauveria bassiana.

I am particularly interested in how endophytic entomopathogenic fungi affect the insect populations and the implications this has for sustainable pest control and as a regulating factor in populations of beneficial insects. Applying pathogens may affect biodiversity so my work also focusses on the effects of pathogens on non-target insects to improve our understanding of the ecological mechanisms that support the role that microbial pathogens play in insect population dynamics.

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Contact us

If you have any queries contact:

Nasser Trissi, Plant growth facilities manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1392 72 2714

Jules Bristow, Plant growth technician



The greenhouse facilities are situated just behind the Living Systems Institute (87 on the Streatham Campus map) and the Physics building (21 on the map), with access by car and foot.