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The ARC Community

The ARC Community

Front row left to right: Derek Youd (Sr Technician/ Aquatic Systems), Greg Paull, ARC Facility Manager/NACWO), Steve Cooper (Sr Technician/Aquatic Systems)

Middle row left to right: Chloe Flint (Technician/Aquatic Husbandry), Richard Silcox (Technician/Aquatic Husbandry) Samantha Worthington (Sr Technician/Aquatic Husbandry)

Back row left to right: Alex Bell (Sr Technician/Aquatic Husbandry), Paul Tyson (Deputy Facility Manager/NACWO), Ben Bingham (Technician (Aquatic Husbandry and Systems)

Our fantastic new facilities mean we can maintain and study a wide range of aquatic organisms to study how they live, grow and adapt in our ever changing world. The ARC brings together truly leading international scientists to help address some of the most pressing world issues relating to environmental pollution impacts, aquaculture development, the protection of freshwater and marine resources and, through the use of models such as the zebrafish, understanding some of the world’s most significant diseases, including those that affect our very own health.

Charles Tyler, Professor in Environmental Biology and Director of the ARC

The Aquatic Resources Centre offers a wonderful environment for students to work and learn. It offers them the chance to study everything from the humble shore crab to model species such as zebrafish, and tropical exotics. Students can work alongside world-leading scientists to address some of the biggest environmental and human health challenges that we face today. With the help of a dedicated aquatics team and a world-class facility, I am proud to be the Aquatics Resources Centre Manager.

Gregory Paull, Manager of the Aquatic Resources Centre

The ARC Relaunch Marked by Festive PI User Get Together

To celebrate the Aquatic Resources Centre (ARC) recent expansion and refurbishment, the PI and ARC team held a successful 'speed talks' event. The series of talks highlighted recent PI work and celebrated how the ARC has expanded over the last decade, with not only its lab space more than doubling but also a 5 fold increase in staff. The talks included a presentation of the new Zebrabase stock keeping /status software and updated ARC Finance Power App and ARC Sharepoint by Paul Tyson Deputy Aquatic Facilities Manager and NACWO.

Charles Tyler Director of the ARC and Greg Paull ARC Manager co-hosted the meeting.