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Cell and Developmental Biology

In Cell and Developmental Biology we use a range of cell types and advanced imaging techniques to investigate organelle dynamics, intracellular trafficking, fungal growth, neurobiology, stem cell development and plant cell responses to pathogen ingress.

Key research areas:

  • The neural circuit bases of behaviour marine annelid Platynereis 
  • The role of intercellular contact via actin-based filopodia in Wnt-based signalling and general Zebra Fish developmental biology
  • The role of peroxisomes in disease
  • The role of microtubules in spindle function
  • Fungal cell biology
  • Pluripotent stem cell biology
  • Cell phenotypic responses to antibiotic stress

The theme is primarily based in the Living Systems Institute (LSI), which is directed by Professor Austin Smith FRS: a world-leader in the developmental trajectory of pluripotent stem cells. Techniques we use include bioimaging and the LSI's advanced super-resolution imaging.

Specialists in Cell and Developmental Biology